South Florida Wedding Venues


Over the years we have photographed  many weddings at numerous South Florida wedding venues, some of them multiple times.  We are proud to also be on many of those venues perferred vendors lists and having some great relationships with the staff that handles your wedding planning and day. Below you will see some images that have been taken at some of the great venues we have worked over the years.

Westin Diplomat Resort – Hollywood

south florida south-florida-wedding-venues-0002 south-florida-wedding-venues-0003

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens – Miami, FL

south-florida-wedding-venues-0004 south florida wedding venues south-florida-wedding-venues-0005 south-florida-wedding-venues-0008 south-florida-wedding-venues-0006 south-florida-wedding-venues-0009

Spanish Monastery – North Miami Beach, FL  south florida wedding venues south-florida-wedding-venues-0011 south-florida-wedding-venues-0012 south-florida-wedding-venues-0013 south-florida-wedding-venues-0014

Hyatt Regency Pier 66 – Fort Lauderdale, FL

south florida wedding venues south-florida-wedding-venues-0016 south-florida-wedding-venues-0017 south-florida-wedding-venues-0018 south-florida-wedding-venues-0019

Jacaranda Country Club – Plantation, FL

jacaranda country clubr-a-jacaranda-country-club-wedding-photography-0926a

Bonnet House – Fort Lauderdale

bonnet house weddings bonnet-house-wedding-photography-0002 bonnet-house-wedding-photography-0004 bonnet-house-wedding-photography-0001 bonnet-house-wedding-photography-fort-lauderdale-0003 bonnet-house-wedding-photography-fort-lauderdale-0012

Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa – Fort Lauderdale

marriott harbor beach resort marriott-harbor-beach-wedding-photography-0001 marriott-harbor-beach-wedding-photography-fort-lauderdale-0004

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